Global hospitality and retail design agency UXUS has collaborated with international food producer and home baking brand Dr. Oetker, to transform pudding for the next generation. Pudu Pudu, an imaginative new pudding concept, which opened its doors on the 21st March 2021 on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Dr. Oetker, a German master pudding maker, believes in bringing people together. Since 1891, his creative imagination gave friends and families new ways to share memorable moments together. Today, his spirit lives on through Pudu Pudu, a new generation pudding concept, helped by a playful Pudu mascot who represents the brand’s endless creativity and imagination. Inspired by the spirit and legacy of Dr. Oetker, Pudu Pudu, takes the original recipe and re-imagines pudding into a bold, playful and unexpected flavour adventure, inviting everyone to share delicious moments.


George Gottl, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at UXUS, commented: “We were briefed by Dr. Oetker to design the brand concept, interiors and visual merchandising for Pudu Pudu with the aim of creating a scalable model comprising an internationally relevant consumer experience and universal design language which could be rolled out globally. The space is designed to celebrate the puddings as works of art by focussing on the making process and creating contrasts and balance between each visual element.”

Targeting Gen Z and millennial consumers with a shareable and emotive experience, the experience is an immersive world of pudding making, where guests are encouraged to join in and participate. Awakening the senses, the delicious, new pudding experience combines unexpected flavours with imaginative toppings to create a new approach to dessert. Enticing customers into the Pudu Pudu world, the store is designed to bring people together, there is a  social space both inside and out, where puddings can initiate connections. From the distinct outdoor seating to the endless shareable moments and playful communications, Pudu Pudu is a fun and exciting new food experience that invites everyone inside to share in their pudding passion.

Chris Wittkampf, Senior Lead Graphic Designer at UXUS, commented: “Created for a global audience, Pudu Pudu is designed to be both a sophisticated and fun brand, with a catchy, easy to pronounce name that characterises the playful personality. The logo uses the cute brand mascot, the Pudu, contrasted with refined typography with bold cut-outs. The primary brand color, blue, is ‘sprayed’ graphically throughout the space, adding fun energy to the concrete industrial envelope of the interior.”

UXUS designed Pudu Pudu brand elements to effortlessly blend with a modern design language, visually engaging a younger generation of creative consumers. The space, delightfully bright, has an elegant terrazzo counter, concrete flooring and graphic backdrops that create a branded landscape within which pudding is the focal point. Playfully bringing the brand personality to life, the Pudu Pudu logo is re-imagined in pink piping to create an eye-catching feature on the back wall.

George Gottl, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at UXUS, added: “We were commissioned to create an immersive and disruptive hospitality experience which targets Gen Z consumers. Working with the Dr. Oetker team five key pillars were defined and formed the basis for the brand DNA: Delicious, Welcoming, Unexpected, Bold and Playful. We used these pillars to guide us in delivering a modern, clean aesthetic with a playful twist in which natural, neutral materials create a backdrop for the bold and exciting pudding flavours and fun toppings.”

This playful approach to design continues throughout the space giving consumers many moments to share and join in the fun. Creative graphic detailing such as a puddle of pudding, entices customers upstairs, leading to a tiered wooden seating designed to create a sense of community within the space. Implementing a sophisticated material palette, UXUS has created a modern, clean aesthetic with accents in which natural, neutral materials form a backdrop for the bold and exciting pudding bowls.

Every detail within the space has been carefully considered, working alongside lighting company Nulty, Pudu Pudu features a lighting scheme designed to elevate the experience, using a combination of bright and focused lights to form a fun and immersive environment.

Unusual for the area of LA, the Pudu Pudu interior extends out onto the famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard creating an iconic façade. The clear glass of the building merges with a distinct seating scape and biophilic design, encouraging customers from the street indoors to experience the Pudu Pudu world inside. Catering to the needs of varied consumers, Pudu Pudu facilitates dining in as well as takeaway.

UXUS, a multidisciplinary agency, created the immersive and disruptive hospitality experience, from the initial brand concept, interior design and visual merchandising. Strategically developed for a global audience and rollout, the scalable model comprises of internationally relevant consumer experiences and a universal design language.

George Gottl, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at UXUS, added: “The Pudu Pudu concept is entirely new to the market and the space has been designed to engage and excite all ages. We want customers to have an unexpected and playful experience and the artisanal making process is central to this. From the moment you look through the window, the design details shine a spotlight on the product, intriguing customers at every step.”

Florian Schneider, Managing Director at Dr. Oetker Hospitality commented: “Following the last 12 months, consumers are eager for fresh and exciting experiences which they can share with their friends and family. Pudu Pudu is an entirely new concept that draws on and celebrates Dr. Oetker’s heritage. Working with UXUS, we have been able to create a beautifully designed and playful environment in which customers can come together, create and exchange meaningful interactions and delight in a fun, new hospitality concept.”